2015 Laurels Awards, From Left: Greta Kreuz, MA, master of ceremonies, Richard Wender, MD (NCCRT), Nancy O’Reilly, MHS (ACOG), Durado Brooks, MD, MPH (ACS), Marilyn Wood (for NOLA Councilwoman Cantrell), Lynn Butterly, MD (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center), Carolyn (Bo) Aldigé (Prevent Cancer).

The Latin name for the Bay Laurel plant, laurus noblis, is derived from the word “to praise” or to be renowned or famous. The laurel has long been a symbol of tribute, honor, victory, merit and reward. In Ancient Rome, heroes among the athletes, generals, emperors and poets received a wreath of laurels as homage to their service and accomplishments.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation created the Cancer Prevention Laurels in 2003 to recognize and celebrate innovators and leaders in the fight against cancer. View our past Cancer Prevention Laurels recipients.

Awards are made in the following three categories to recognize work in any field of cancer prevention and early detection:

  • Cancer Prevention Laurel for National Leadership: Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in cancer prevention and early detection at the national level.
  • Cancer Prevention Laurel for Innovative Programs: Awarded to an individual who has developed and implemented an innovative program in cancer prevention and early detection deserving of national recognition.
  • Cancer Prevention Laurel for Advocacy: Awarded to an individual whose personal passion for improving cancer prevention and early detection has resulted in positive change in the public, professional or political arena.

2016 Call for Nominations

Check back in early 2016 for the call for nominations.