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Health and Fitness Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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Exercise Daily - Not everyone on your holiday gift list will like a gym membership or running shoes. But fear not, here are some other healthy gifts for the people you will be shopping for this holiday season. Pomegranate. An easy, inexpensive and healthy gift, the pomegranate is a traditional Christmas fruit symbolizing fertility and birth. Loaded with antioxidants and thought by many to prevent some types of cancer, pomegranates are tasty as garnishes or as a standalone snack. I advise collecting the seeds of a few pomegranates and packaging them in a festive tin to avoid gifting the sometimes frustrating task of harvesting pomegranate seeds, trust me, my stained white t-shirt and I know how hard it can be. Yoga class gift certificate. Yoga is a calming way to get in shape and all you need is some comfortable clothing, free carpet space and the proper instruction. Nowadays yoga-specific gyms and classes are easy to find and always welcome beginners. Yoga offers amazing workouts ranging from weight-loss and muscle toning to stress relief and physical therapy. Yoga can also vastly improve your ability to regulate your breathing which can have beneficial effects for other fitness activities such as running or bicycling. Personally, I do ...

Fruits and Vegetables Still Absent in Teen Diets

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Healthy Eating - American teens are still not eating enough fruits and vegetables. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported teenagers are consuming fruits and vegetables an average of 1.2 times a day, far below the recommended daily intake for adolescents of 4.5 times a day. The latest CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found that black students consumed fruits and vegetables once a day compared to Hispanic students who consumed 1.1 servings a day and white ...

High Calorie Content in Apple Juice Poses Health Risk

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Healthy Eating - There have been recent headlines about arsenic in apple juice, but leading experts say the real problem is the juice’s high sugar and calorie count. Nutritionists believe the popularity of apple juice, combined with its lackluster nutritional values, is adding to the childhood obesity epidemic and tooth decay. Some nutritionists say other juices can be just as harmful. Despite being fortified with vitamins in an attempt to balance out high calorie content, these juices can still ...

Teen Wins $100K Cancer Research Prize

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Research - A 17 year-old California student, Angela Zhang, won the top individual honor at the Siemens Foundation’s annual high school science competition for creating a precise cancer fighting particle. The particle improves on current cancer treatments because it can deliver drugs directly to tumor cells, avoiding any damage to healthy cells. The particle is able to release the drug by laser activation avoiding more invasive procedures. Zhang said her research was partially motivated by her family’s loss of ...