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Gaming for Good: Charity Video Game Marathon Raises Over $145,000 for Cancer Prevention

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Events - Opposable thumbs have served the human race well throughout history, providing important advances such as fine motor skills, the development of tools, becoming the most dominant species on the planet… and the ability to text. Opposable thumbs are also useful for playing video games and for raising over $145,000 for cancer prevention and early detection. [caption id="attachment_6243" align="alignright" width="270" caption="Gaming to "Stop Cancer Before It Starts!" SDA member at work"][/caption] That’s right! Members of Speed Demos Archive (SDA) just ran a six-day nonstop video gaming marathon called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2012, with 100% of donations benefitting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The group focuses on “speedrunning”, or completing video games in the shortest amount of time possible. I was able to visit the event on both the kickoff and wrap up days, and I was pleasantly surprised and awestruck at the world of gaming that was opened up to me. Last year’s event, AGDQ 2011, more than doubled the group’s initial goal and brought in $53,000 for the Foundation. On Wednesday, January 4 of this year, the attendees of AGDQ were geared up for an even bigger, better and more successful marathon than last year’s event. Dozens of guys and girls from ...

Amgen Tour Hosting Courageous Rider Jersey Design Contest

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Advocacy - Have you ever dreamed of participating in a charity bicycle tour, only to realize that you can’t bike 6 miles, let alone 600? Breakaway from Cancer is allowing people of all ages and physical abilities to participate in its Amgen Tour of California without breaking a sweat by participating in its design contest. Prevent Cancer Foundation is a proud partner in Breakaway from Cancer. Contestants ages 18 and older are invited to submit original designs ...

Improved Survival Rates the Result of Decades of Cancer Community Effort

Posted by Lisa Hughes, Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy on January 4th, 2012 | No Comments »

Foundation News - Today, the American Cancer Society released their annual report citing improved survival rates among cancer patients showing a decline in the number of deaths from cancer by 1.8% in men and 1.6% in women. We congratulate the American Cancer Society for their work and for the resources and services that they provide to cancer patients. The increase in survival cited in the report is the result of decades of research, education, screening and services provided by ...

Speed Demos Archive Gears Up for 2nd 6 Day Marathon to benefit Prevent Cancer Foundation

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Events - Speed Demos Archive, the internet’s leading source for video game speed run videos, is all about finishing games as quickly as possible, and we have videos of over 650 games done by players all across the world. [caption id="attachment_6185" align="alignright" width="240" caption="SDA Members at the 2011 "Awesome Games Done Quick""][/caption] Beginning tomorrow, we will be hosting an event where our site’s members will be using their skills to raise money for a fantastic organization—the Prevent Cancer Foundation. ...