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Researcher Q&A with Janne Nappi, PhD

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Sarah AbouElSeoud

Research - [caption id="attachment_5752" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Janne Nappi, PhD"][/caption] The Foundation is proud to highlight the colon cancer research of Janne Nappi, PhD, an instructor of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Nappi received a two-year grant from the Foundation in Fall 2008 to improve the accuracy of computed tomographic colonography (CTC) by developing sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze the surface of the colon and indicate the locations of hard-to-detect flat growths that might develop into cancer. 1.  What led you to the field of colon cancer research? Although colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths, it would be largely preventable if its benign precursor lesions were detected and removed early enough. In 2000, computed tomographic colonography (CTC) was emerging as a better way for colon screening. The idea was to detect precancerous polyps by reviewing virtual three-dimensional images of the colon. However, there were concerns if it would be practical for radiologists to interpret large amounts of CT images. At that time, I had already been working several years on computer-assisted diagnosis for mammography, and I was looking for a new project. I found CTC and its three-dimensionality intriguing. If a computer could be used to detect polyps automatically from ...

Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

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Healthy Eating - Thanksgiving can be one of the hardest holidays for people wanting to lose weight. Food is plentiful and often soaked in butter and fat. However, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be such a difficult time. Most Thanksgiving foods are healthy but become loaded with calories and fats after preparation, requiring us to either eat them in moderation or prepare them differently. Here are some tips to limit holiday indulgence: Place brightly colored vegetables without sauce on the ...

Keep Your Fall Workout on Track

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Exercise Daily - For blogger Tina Haupert, fall often leads to a lull in her exercise routine. Contributing to her lack of motivation is the cold weather and the fact that her New Year’s resolutions haven’t kicked in yet. Coupled with all the travel and hubbub of the holiday season it’s hard for anyone to find the time or willpower to stick to their routine. Luckily, Tina has four tips to keep you exercising throughout the holiday season. Put ...

Using Your Smartphone as a Trainer

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Exercise Daily - Tom Sims, The New York Times’ sports blogger, believes smartphones have become increasingly easy, affordable and effective alternatives to gyms and personal trainers. Downloadable fitness apps have the ability to do anything from tracking your running routes to teaching you new workouts, all while listening to your favorite tunes and keeping detailed records. Here are Tom’s picks for effective fitness apps: Endomondo and RunKeeper map your running and walking routes using GPS. Once your routes are ...