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5 Healthy Tailgating Tips

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Healthy Eating - Fall football season is here—meaning lots of tailgating parties with football, fun and food. Follow these easy tips to swap those fattening recipes for some healthy and delicious alternatives. Bake—Many foods can be prepared in a much healthier way simply by skipping the fryer. Try “oven frying” wings, zucchini fries or sweet potato chips at home by rolling items in a seasoned coating and baking them in the oven for treats without all the oil and grease. Go Light—Substitute turkey burgers or grilled chicken for hamburgers and hot dogs. With seasoned rubs or flavorful marinades, you can make lean, mean and tasty protein. Citrus, spicy garlic or honey-ginger grilled chicken skewers make tasty appetizers. [caption id="attachment_5679" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo Credit:"][/caption] Substitute—Many dips use sour cream as a base—plain yogurt or cottage cheese make great alternatives and bring down those whopping calorie counts. Low fat Greek yogurt is another perfect substitute that has a thick, creamy texture very similar to sour cream. Make Fresh—Salsa is quick and easy to prepare at home. Throw together some fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, corn, cilantro, jalapenos and a squeeze of fresh lime juice for the perfect homemade topping or side. Add mango, pineapple or peaches for a sweet twist. Dip ...

Many Smokers Want to Quit But Few Succeed

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No Smoking - A recent Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report found that although more than two-thirds of American smokers want to quit, only a small percentage do; reinforcing the need for more programs to help smokers quit. The report noted that while counseling programs and medication can double or triple smokers’ chances of quitting, most who tried in 2010 didn’t use either nor did they seek a doctor’s advice. The CDC said that the high percentage of ...

Fitness Classes Boost Gym Attendance

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Exercise Daily - Fitness classes such as yoga, aerobics, zumba and kickboxing tend to keep people returning to the gym. The popularity of these classes is why gyms are always searching for the next big exercise fad. According to Tim Keightley of Gold’s Gym, group exercisers visit the gym more often and are more likely to renew their memberships. Keightley pointed to industry figures which show that group exercisers attend the gym 3 times a week while the average ...

Capps Congressional Champion for Lung Cancer Prevention

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Advocacy - The legislative process is complex, and Congress can be a difficult branch of government to navigate to have a positive impact on prevention policy.  Having Congressional champions is critical, and Congresswoman Lois Capps has been a steadfast supporter of prevention, research and quality of care.  The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention program recently honored her for her work in this regard.  As we observe lung cancer awareness month, Congresswoman Capps’ work in support of lung cancer ...