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Researcher Q&A with Derek Huffman, PhD Part II

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Research - Dr. Huffman is a postdoctoral fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and a 2009 recipient of a Foundation research fellowship. One of Dr. Huffman’s major research goals has been “to uncover exactly what is it about being obese that drives cancer risk and to see if this relationship is in fact a causal one.” Currently, he is working towards this goal by examining whether there is a causal link between intra-abdominal fat—the fat that we store deep in our tummy—and risk of colon tumors. 1. What impact could your findings have on preventing colon cancer and perhaps other cancers? Obesity has been associated with many different types of cancers, including colorectal, breast, endometrial, liver and prostate. However, these studies are only associations and cannot prove that being obese per se is the cause, rather than say the poor eating habits and lack of exercise which led to it. Thus, demonstrating that intra-abdominal fat on its own is a causal contributor to colon cancer risk, and possibly other cancers as well, will be critically important to advancing our understanding of this disease. The goal will then be to successfully identify the important factor(s) linking obesity to colorectal and ...

Researcher Q&A with Derek Huffman, PhD Part I

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Research - This month the Foundation is proud to highlight the work of Dr. Derek Huffman, a postdoctoral fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Dr. Huffman received a two-year fellowship from the Foundation in the spring of 2009. His research focuses on finding a causal link between abdominal fat and tumor risk by examining colon tumors. 1.  What led you to the field of colon cancer research? There is overwhelming evidence that shows your ...

7 Tips for Successful 5K Training

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Exercise Daily - Whether you are getting ready for the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K on September 24 or looking to start running on your own, read these tips for successful 5K training. 1. What is the minimum amount of time that someone needs to prepare for a 5K? At least a month to work up to 2-3 miles for people who run a little bit and have a little experience; 6 weeks for someone who doesn't run at all; 8 ...

Katherine Kennedy: Take Steps, Save Lives at Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K

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Events - The Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K is just 5 days away, and I’m so excited that my team, “KK’s Cancer Kickers” is going strong with 60 members, and we're almost to our fundraising goal of $10,000, making us the top fundraising team! [caption id="attachment_5023" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Katherine Kennedy and Washington Post Live Host Ivan Carter warm up at the 2010 Prevent Cancer Fdn 5k"][/caption] Like everyone else, I’ve been touched by cancer through my family and friends. That’s ...