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A Cold Day for the Super Colon in Music City

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The Super Colon - Nashville is known as the home of country music, Southern hospitality and warm weather. The morning of Saturday, March 26 dawned – and as luck would have it – it was windy and cold. But that didn’t stop the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Super Colon exhibit at Nashville’s Farmers’ Market. What started out as a slow morning quickly began to change about the time “Elvis” was in the market. Folks loaded down with their fresh fruits and vegetables started strolling over to see why Elvis was hanging out with a large, 8 ft tall, 20 foot long, inflatable colon – and exactly what it was.  Initially, there was a look of shock on some faces and a few skeptical comments ranging from, “Oh man, it’s really a colon,” followed quickly by, “I’m not going in there.” But one by one they filed through – and learned about colon cancer  facts, risk factors and early detection. One young couple and their daughter traveled 30 miles to see the Super Colon, asked a few questions, and shared some concerns. As I am with all Super Colon stops, I’m overwhelmed by the personal stories shared with me. One story in particular touched my heart. A woman ...

Prevent Cancer Super Colon and the Challenge

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Colon Cancer Challenge

The Super Colon - A cold, crisp and sunny morning this past weekend saw nearly 1,200 visitors at the Prevent Cancer Foundation's Super Colon as the exhibit was part of the prevention and wellness fair at the 8th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge Race in Central Park, N.Y. The fair sponsored by the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation and sanofi-aventis U.S. was an integral part of the race event that focuses on raising awareness about colon cancer, screening, and leading a healthy lifestyle that ...

Alaska Native Food Guide Stresses Good Nutrition, Physical Activity for At Risk Youth

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Outreach - The Prevent Cancer Foundation recently awarded a $25,000 grant to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) to create traditional food guide workbooks for Alaska Native youth. This new initiative, made possible through the Foundation's 2011 Community Grants program, aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices and nutritional habits among children at risk for obesity, cancer and other diseases. These workbooks will emphasize traditional foods and activities, enabling youth to make more informed and responsible nutritional choices. Christine ...

Fighting the Fight for Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

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Advocacy - I have been involved with preventive care and treatment for colorectal cancer since 2006, and I am proud to continue to fight for this worthy cause. I have always been a supporter of preventive care as a way to reduce health care costs over the long term and colorectal cancer screening is a great example of the benefits of prevention and early detection. Investing in screenings and early detection measures would save thousands of lives because ...