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A Healthy Diet, Regular Exercise Important Strategies for Moving the U.S. Forward

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Foundation News - In Tim Karman’s recent article on the Washington Post’s Future of Food Conference, many issues which way heavily on the minds’ of policymakers and families alike were mentioned. However, the one “takeaway” that is a bright spot in an often contentious debate is the importance of eating a healthy diet, especially for children, to begin to address the alarming rates of obesity and obesity-related conditions. As Sam Kass , the assistant White House chef and senior policy adviser for healthy food initiatives, stated in the article, “If we focus on the most fundamental aspect of food, which is our nourishment, I think we can solve a lot of the problems and challenges we are facing today.” The article goes on to stress the importance of involving youth early to carry messages of good nutrition habits and regular exercise throughout their lives, highlighting First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. The Prevent Cancer Foundation has advocated and supported eating a healthy diet and regular exercise along with proper medical screenings and not smoking as some of the most important ways to significantly reducing cancer risk. We applaud the Washington Post and the participants of the Future of Food Conference for discussing these key ...

Congressmen Play Poker To Beat Cancer For Prevent Cancer Foundation

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Events - The Prevent Cancer Foundation’s 7th-Annual Bad Beat on Cancer (BBOC) Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament was held on May 3, 2011 where reporters from Politico were at the the event to interview attendees Sen. Mark Begich, Rep. Joe Barton, and Rep. Bobby Scott who came out to show off their poker skills in support of the cause. In the article by Matt Sobocinski and Karin Tanabe, you can read what each Congressmen had to say about ...

Cancer Survivor to Young Women: Skin Cancer Prevention Essential

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Save Your Skin - One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a cancer survivor is to take care of my skin. Before my diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2002, I would work on my tan throughout the summer by slathering on tanning oil and laying out in the sun for hours. I always got very dark and rarely burned, so I figured it was “safe” for me to skip the sunscreen. And as embarrassing as it is ...

Healthy Recipes: Cherry-Vanilla Milkshake

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Cherry-Vanilla Bean Milkshake

Healthy Eating - So thick you’ll need a straw and a long spoon to enjoy this frosty cherry-vanilla milkshake. 2 servings, about 1 1/2 cups each  Active Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 10 minutes Ingredients 1 10-ounce bag frozen pitted cherries (about 2 1/4 cups) 1 cup reduced-fat “light” vanilla ice cream 1 cup nonfat milk 1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise, or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Preparation Place cherries, ice cream and milk in a blender. With the tip of a sharp knife, scrape all the black paste ...