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Prevent Cancer blog carnival: Who do you prevent cancer for?

Posted by Rebecca Evans on October 23rd, 2013 | 1 Comment »

Blog Carnival - It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to the first ever Prevent Cancer blog carnival! Pull up your digital chair and take a seat – our writing advocates’ stories are educational, heartbreaking, sometimes humorous and always inspiring. Before I pass along the "mic," I'd like to thank the thirteen lovely writers who shared their experiences with open and honest hearts. May the carnival commence! “Children should get colds, scrapes and maybe a broken bone or two, but not cancer.” Prevention is a gift by Jan Bresch, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Prevent Cancer Foundation "Cancer survivors are often portrayed as heroic, doomed, sweet, patient and forbearing. I was none of these things: when I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and told I had a 40% chance of living five years, I was not heroic; nor was I afraid. I had a two-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter. I was furious." For my family by Dr. Michelle Jones "If you asked, my mom would tell you she’s a simple lady. She likes strong coffee, gardening, running and her Detroit Tigers. She likes good TV, good music and her dog. This humility doesn’t do justice to the incredible life she’s led." ...


Blog carnival: My colonoscopy saved me

Posted by Valarie Everett on | 8 Comments »

Blog Carnival - “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” -Mahatma Gandhi It’s almost 6 pm, which means I survived another Friday 4 o’clock client crisis. The week of juggling sales meetings, proposal deadlines, underwriting rate negotiations and planning my uncle’s surprise 80th birthday party had sucked the energy out of me. Just as I was packing up my office to head out the door, making sure I had everything needed for Monday’s big presentation ...

Blog carnival: For my family

Posted by Rebecca Helberg on | 3 Comments »

Blog Carnival - I prevent cancer for family – not only for my personal family, but for the cohesive, supportive, loving idea of family. Family and cancer are synonymous for me. Leukemia took my mother, uncle and grandmother all before I entered high school. Doctor visits were protocol; chemotherapy was the norm. Through all the pain and sadness of cancer, the strong bond of family was ever-present. There was a lot of love in my family growing up. My ...

Blog carnival: It begins with prevention

Posted by Beth Westbrook Starnes on | No Comments »

Blog Carnival - Katie was young and full of life. She was an outstanding athlete and gifted student. She wanted to grow up and attend law school. She had no idea that at age 12, she would have cancer. After my daughter, Katie, died of bone cancer at the age of 15, following a pathway for preventing cancer became a central focus in my life. Watching someone you love try so hard to live lead me to believe I ...