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Blog carnival: It begins with prevention

Posted by Rebecca Evans on October 23rd, 2013 | No Comments »

Blog Carnival - Katie was young and full of life. She was an outstanding athlete and gifted student. She wanted to grow up and attend law school. She had no idea that at age 12, she would have cancer. After my daughter, Katie, died of bone cancer at the age of 15, following a pathway for preventing cancer became a central focus in my life. Watching someone you love try so hard to live lead me to believe I could do more for my own health. During this time, I altered my diet, exercised more and went for routine check ups. Granted osteosarcoma (bone cancer), is not a preventable disease, however, that was not the end of my journey. Two years later, in 2003, my wonderful husband came home from work one night and told me the doctor suspected he had prostate cancer. My mind was screaming, please cancer NO, don't take one more person from me. Andy was 52, an active bicyclist and healthy eater. He also maintained regular physicals and testing. Yes, he did have cancer and because they caught it early, Andy is now free of the disease. Andy taught me to be vigilant and be an advocate for your health in ...


Blog carnival: Because I care

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Blog Carnival - I prevent cancer because I see the pain and fear it causes people I care about. I am a clinical psychologist who was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. Up until then, I had worked with several clients with cancer, never thinking that I would be on that side of the fence. I was 45. I had no family history. On the weekend that John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane went down, I spent the day watching ...

Blog carnival: For the women who hold up my world

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Blog Carnival - I prevent cancer for all of the amazing women in my family who devote their lives to helping others. We live in a pink-washed world where breast cancer awareness blankets the United States every October, but every month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when you have a family history of breast cancer – as I am reminded every time I visit my doctor. The women in my family are smart, powerful and socially conscious. My mother ...

Blog carnival: For my mother

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Blog Carnival - If you asked, my mom would tell you she’s a simple lady. She likes strong coffee, gardening, running and her Detroit Tigers. She likes good TV, good music and her dog. This humility doesn’t do justice to the incredible life she’s led. In 1995, when I was not even a year old, my mother was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. She was 34, had no previous family history of the disease and had two small ...