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Testicular Cancer Survivor’s Message: Guys, Check Yourself!

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Early Detection - Like many young men, my testicular cancer diagnosis came out of thin air. I had no symptoms and thought I was a healthy, twenty-six-year old, juggling a job and working on my MBA when I suddenly had a pain in my left testicle that made me drop to my knees. It felt as if someone taken a dagger and shish kebabed me. At first, my doctor misdiagnosed it as an infection. But after a couple weeks of minimal improvement I sought a second opinion. Following a physical exam, blood tests and an ultrasound, my new doctor confirmed that I had testicular cancer. Surgery—just two days later—revealed that the cancer had spread outside the testicle. Testicular cancer has a fairly predictable path of travel when it metastasizes: lymph nodes, then the pelvis, then the abdomen, next behind the kidneys, then the lungs and finally the brain. Mine had already spread to my lymph nodes, pelvis and lower abdomen. Five months of intense chemotherapy followed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of my journey. One year after chemotherapy a routine CT scan revealed four tumors along my spine. A four hour surgery was required, during which my internal organs were literally pulled out of my abdomen—leaving ...

Realm Music Group to “Rock the Fight” Against Cancer

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Realm Music Group

Events - Realm Music Group is heading up an incredible effort to "Rock the Fight" against cancer. In addition to having the 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday, May 21 at the HollywoodBeach Golf Resort in Hollywood, FL, Realm is also one of the Prevent Cancer Foundation's "Shop for Prevention" partners. Artist Ricki Erik, whose unique blend of pop, rock and reggae is taking the world by storm and his label Realm Music Group, are donating ...

A Healthy Diet, Regular Exercise Important Strategies for Moving the U.S. Forward

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Foundation News - In Tim Karman’s recent article on the Washington Post’s Future of Food Conference, many issues which way heavily on the minds’ of policymakers and families alike were mentioned. However, the one “takeaway” that is a bright spot in an often contentious debate is the importance of eating a healthy diet, especially for children, to begin to address the alarming rates of obesity and obesity-related conditions. As Sam Kass , the assistant White House chef and ...

Congressmen Play Poker To Beat Cancer For Prevent Cancer Foundation

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Events - The Prevent Cancer Foundation’s 7th-Annual Bad Beat on Cancer (BBOC) Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament was held on May 3, 2011 where reporters from Politico were at the the event to interview attendees Sen. Mark Begich, Rep. Joe Barton, and Rep. Bobby Scott who came out to show off their poker skills in support of the cause. In the article by Matt Sobocinski and Karin Tanabe, you can read what each Congressmen had to say about ...