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Sunny Walia’s Skin Cancer Screening Story

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Screening Story - The Determined Dermatologist It’s no surprise that dermatologists care about skin cancer. But what happens to a dermatologist who has a family member diagnosed with the disease? Sunny Walia, assistant professor of dermatology and director of dermatologic laser surgery at George Washington University knows everything there is to know about sun safety, but when someone in her family was diagnosed with skin cancer, she re-dedicated herself to raising awareness in her patients. “Any time you have a person close to you experience skin cancer, it makes you more diligent than you were before,” Walia acknowledges. “You gain an internal perspective. You feel more obligated than you normally would to educate people.” For years, Walia has been raising awareness about skin cancer. In fact, she was involved with SkinPAC, a political action group affiliated with the American Academy of Dermatology, that helped push through legislation in Maryland requiring minors to have parental consent before using tanning beds. “Maybe it’ll go nationwide,” Walia says hopefully. “It’s a wonderful law.” Walia’s personal experience with skin cancer has doubled her efforts ...

Mary Ellen Kirkbride’s Lung Cancer Story

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Screening Story - A True Fighter Nearly five years ago, Mary-Ellen Kirkbride responded to a lung cancer researcher’s call for help. Her intent was simple — to honor her father’s memory. Little did she know her own life was about to be saved. Kirkbride knew the lung cancer statistics all too well. She had lost her father to lung cancer years earlier, and was about to watch her mother lose the battle. She was ...

Speed Demos Archive Marathon Raises Over $53,000 in Cancer Prevention Funding

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Foundation News - Speed Demos Archive (SDA) may not be a household name to readers of the Prevent Cancer Foundation blog, but the group’s latest five day, round-the-clock marathon raised over $53,000 for cancer prevention and early detection. The marathon titled, “Awesome Games Done Quick” (AGDQ), took place from January 6-11 in a Chevy Chase, MD 4-H community center but included participants and donors from around the country and around the world (Argentina, Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, ...

Colorectal Screening Story: Patrick and Michael Skehan

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Screening Story - One Brother Lost, One Brother Saved The funeral was packed with over 300 people, each one wanting to pay their respects to Patrick Skehan – one of the most light-hearted and caring 60-year olds they'd ever met. As they picked up funeral programs and prayer cards, many also took colorectal cancer awareness "buddy" bracelets and cancer prevention pamphlets provided by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Patrick didn't ...