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Cervical Cancer: A Prevention Success Story

Posted by PCF Admin on January 12th, 2011 | 1 Comment »
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Outreach / Regular Screening - Each January we observe National Cervical Health Awareness Month. It is a good time to reflect on the groundbreaking advancements that have been made in the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. A diagnosis of cervical cancer was once a death sentence; it is now a preventable and treatable illness. Today, no woman need die from this disease. Cervical cancer has become the ultimate preventable cancer success story. The Pap test, developed in the late 1920s and first widely used in the 1940s, was adopted as an essential screening tool for early detection and treatment, and in turn lowered the cervical cancer mortality rate by over 70%. More recently, another leap in cervical cancer prevention was made possible with the development of the HPV vaccine. The Prevent Cancer Foundation is proud to have played an important role in making cervical cancer preventable through funding cutting edge research, educating the public and supporting community outreach programs. Cervical cancer has always been a priority for the Foundation, having been among the first to fund the research of Dr. Anna R. Giuliano, which led to the development of the HPV vaccine. Among the many other cervical cancer researchers we have funded over the past 25 years, ...

Healthy Recipes: Melon & Apple Granita

Posted by Janet Hudson on January 7th, 2011 | 1 Comment »
Melon & Apple Granita

Healthy Eating - Welcome to a new year filled with healthy recipes for prevention!  This granita uses sweet ripe melon for flavor, apple juice instead of sugar and a touch of lime juice to perk up the flavors. Berries look beautiful on top; or if you can find fresh figs, add them. For a vibrant look, make with an orange-fleshed melon, such as cantaloupe, Charentais or orange honeydew. 8 servings, about 3/4 cup granita & 1/4 cup fruit each ...

Prevent Cancer News Round-Up

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Foundation News - The Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s look at news from around the Web in the cancer prevention and wellness communities. Upping Your New Year’s Resolution Odds While New Year’s resolutions are made aplenty during the beginning of the year, only about half of them are kept longer than six months. Learn how to make goals that stick, and change those resolutions into reality. (LA It’s Time for Recess: Just Keep on Moving Sometimes a little break can have a ...

How You Can Prevent Cancer in 2011

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Exercise Daily / Foundation News / Healthy Eating / No Smoking / Regular Screening - Beyond our many goals and resolutions, the New Year also brings many fresh new opportunities to make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Making informed health decisions and good diet choices are paramount to cancer prevention and early detection. In 2011 the Prevent Cancer Foundation is planning upcoming campaigns, community events and initiatives that share the message that you can prevent cancer every day. We hope to not only inspire you, but for you to also inspire others ...