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What is the Colorectal Cancer Control Program?

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Regular Screening - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is funding a Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) across the United States for five years to help 25 states and 4 tribes combine the efforts of their communities and partner organizations to change the face of colorectal cancer screening. The CRCCP's goal is to increase colorectal cancer screening rates among men and women aged 50 years and older from about 64% to 80% in the funded states by 2014. According to the CDC, from 2004 – 2006, approximately half of colorectal cancer cases were diagnosed at a late stage of disease. An increase in screening rates will reduce illness and death caused by colorectal cancer. The Prevent Cancer Foundation supports the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer and encourages individuals to: • Eat Healthy  • Stay Active • Don't Smoke • Get Screened The CRCCP incorporates screening promotion and screening provisions. Local CRCCP programs collaborate with local comprehensive cancer control programs and other partners to share resources for efficiency. They also provide colorectal cancer screening and follow-up care to low-income men and women aged 50–64 years who are underinsured or uninsured for screening, when no other payment option is available. The CRCCP states include Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, ...

Congressional Butt-In: A New Congress Provides a New Opportunity

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Advocacy - With record cuts across the board in Congressional spending and constituents at home saving each hard-earned penny, this is not a political environment that bodes well for spending increases of any kind.  We know how important prevention is to decreasing our cancer risk and saving healthcare dollars, but does Congress?  With so many new faces on Capitol Hill, they may not. That’s why our Congressional Butt-In is so important, now more than ever! For those of you ...

Easy Sweet Treat for a Healthy Valentine’s Day

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Cheryssa and Liona

Healthy Eating - Valentine’s Day is a time to show your loved ones just how important they are, usually with gifts like cards, flowers, and chocolate! Go ahead and surprise them with a dozen roses, a cuddly teddy bear, and cards with bright pink hearts – but why not try something other than chocolate this year? Show your loved ones that you care about their health by making a creative and nutritious dinner or snack, like our quick ...

Gordon Cole’s Prostate Cancer Screening Story

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Screening Story - Cancer Survivor, Squared When his doctor diagnosed him with prostate cancer, Gordon Cole’s reaction was not what one would have expected. He didn’t think, I’m going to beat this. And he didn’t think, I wish I’d climbed Everest. Sitting in his doctor’s office, he thought, Oh, no! Now there’s another area I’ll have to research! In August 2003, three years before being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Gordon Cole was ...