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Jim Massie: Prostate Cancer Survivor

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Screening Story - How I Beat Prostate Cancer Jim Massie began volunteering with the Prevent Cancer Foundation because it was the right thing to do. He never would have predicted that the experience would give him the awareness he needed to save his own life. Eight years ago, Jim and his wife, Camille, were key volunteers for the Hope Street Kids “Swinging for Caroline” annual golf and tennis benefit, the primary fundraiser for one of the Foundation’s children’s initiatives. He sat on the executive committee to advise on financial issues, and she co-chaired the event. The connection to the Foundation was important to Jim. His mother had died of brain cancer — so he knew how quickly one’s health could take a turn for the worse. Those losses, combined with the responsibility he felt toward his wife and three young daughters, made him keenly aware of his need to take care of himself. Two years ago, just like clockwork, Jim went to his doctor for a routine annual physical. And she didn’t like what she saw. “There was an uptick in my PSA,” he said, referring to the prostate-specific antigen test that can ...

Prevent Cancer Super Colon: In Communities Across America

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Inside colon - small

The Super Colon - "Bring the Prevent Cancer Super Colon exhibit to your hometown and help reduce the risk of colon cancer in your community!"  This is the message the Prevent Cancer Foundation has been spreading nationwide since 2005 when it first pioneered the traveling, inflatable, giant colon.  The exhibit is a huge visual attraction wherever it goes, which is part of the impact it has made in hundreds of communities as it raises the awareness of colorectal (CRC) cancer through its interactive displays ...

Kristine Fargotstein’s Skin Cancer Screening Story

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Screening Story - Young Woman Warns Others ‘It Can Happen to You’ Whenever a photo is snapped of Kristine Fargotstein, the 24-year-old turns her left shoulder away from the camera to hide the 3-inch scar on her upper left arm. Even two years after surgery to remove a pre-melanoma area, she can’t help herself. She’s self-conscious when her scar is showing and dreads heading into tank top season. “I grew up in the Southwest where ...

Songs, Sun Hats & Social Networking for Cancer Prevention!

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Cancer queens

Foundation News / Outreach - From sun-safety for infants in Arizona to social networking for breast health awareness among African American women in Florida, the Prevent Cancer Foundation is proud to support the wide range of cancer prevention and early detection initiatives represented by its nine FY2011 community grantees. The Foundation’s Community Grants program supports local cancer awareness education and screening programs across the United States for all populations, especially underserved communities. In January, the Foundation awarded $85,000 in community grants to ...