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Is There a Magic Bullet to Prevent Cancer?

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Exercise Daily / Healthy Eating / No Smoking / Regular Screening - If you see, read or hear medical news on television, magazines or the Web, you will find, almost daily, some cancer research study being published, or referred to, by those who seek to capitalize on those studies to sell their goods and services. In some cases those trying to capitalize will misquote or take the findings out of context, all the while promising that if you buy their product – today – you will live longer and avoid cancer. They use what I would call “old direct mail” tactics by bolding type to make their key messaging stand out while trying to scare you into action today to save your life. Guess what, it’s bogus. Unfortunately like the myth of the Fountain of Youth, there is no “magic bullet” to keep cancer at bay.  However, there is an extensive body of research dedicated to what you can do to greatly reduce your risk of cancer; a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables; staying active and maintaining a healthy weight; not using tobacco products of any kind; and following medical screening guidelines. One recent online promotion even said cancer is not genetic. While cancer is not passed from one family member to another – genes are. If an ...

Clearing the Air on Lung Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

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Lung Cancer PSA

Foundation News / Regular Screening / Research - Did you know lung cancer kills more people per year than breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancers combined? While it is true that not smoking is a major way to prevent lung cancer, we want to clear the air on a few other important preventive measures one can take to stay healthy. And there’s no better time to do so than during Lung Cancer Awareness month! Since 2004, the Prevent Cancer Foundation has hosted a series ...

25th Anniversary Congratulations

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Kim Thiboldeaux

25th Anniversary / Advocacy - Kim Thiboldeaux Cancer Support Community Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!  The Cancer Support Community has been privileged to partner with the Foundation on a number of prevention campaigns.  We applaud you on all of your accomplishments in the past 25 years.  See the YouTube video! Editor’s Note: This post is  part of the 25th Anniversary Testimonials Initiative.

Prevent Cancer News Round-Up

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Foundation News - The Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s weekly look at news from around the web in the cancer prevention and wellness communities. University of Connecticut Doctor's Invention Could Reduce Need For Biopsies A device invented by University of Connecticut engineer Quing Zhu could reduce the need for biopsies in diagnosing breast cancer.(LA Screening: Many Skip Follow-Up Tests for Colon Cancer Annals of Family Medicine study suggests that almost half of patients who get fecal blood tests to screen for colon ...