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Prevent Cancer News Round-Up

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Foundation News - The Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s look at news from around the Web in the cancer prevention and wellness communities. Upping Your New Year’s Resolution Odds While New Year’s resolutions are made aplenty during the beginning of the year, only about half of them are kept longer than six months. Learn how to make goals that stick, and change those resolutions into reality. (LA It’s Time for Recess: Just Keep on Moving Sometimes a little break can have a big impact on overall health—Dr. Toni Yancey discusses how a 10 minute “recess” break can be a great motivator for you and others to get moving. (NY Cervical Cancer—What Every Woman Should Know Learn the basics of cervical cancer—a disease that is both highly preventable and treatable through early detection and regular screening. ( Quitting Smoking Makes Economic Sense Though deceivingly expensive, the cost of buying aids to quit smoking far outweighs the thousands of dollars spent on cigarettes over many years. Find out how to get discounts on these aids, and what helps boost success rates. (LA Childhood Obesity Can Begin as Early as 9 Months of Age, Researchers Find A recent study has found that factors indicating a higher risk of childhood obesity can be found as ...

How You Can Prevent Cancer in 2011

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Exercise Daily / Foundation News / Healthy Eating / No Smoking / Regular Screening - Beyond our many goals and resolutions, the New Year also brings many fresh new opportunities to make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Making informed health decisions and good diet choices are paramount to cancer prevention and early detection. In 2011 the Prevent Cancer Foundation is planning upcoming campaigns, community events and initiatives that share the message that you can prevent cancer every day. We hope to not only inspire you, but for you to also inspire others ...

Dialogue Registration Open

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Conferences / Foundation News - The Prevent Cancer Foundation is excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2011 Dialogue for Action on Colorectal Cancer Screening:  Prevention Now for a Healthier Tomorrow.  We expect primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, radiologists, surgeons, nursing professionals, public health educators and administrators, health researchers, third-party payers, advocates and survivors from across the country to be in attendance.  The conference will be held March 23-25 in Baltimore, MD. The 2011 Dialogue is the 13th in ...

Vaccine Approved by FDA to Prevent Anal Cancer

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Regular Screening - Yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action to move cancer prevention forward with the approval of a vaccine for prevention of anal cancer and anal intraepithelialneoplasia (AIN) due to human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6, 11, 16, and 18 in males and females ages 9 to 26. The vaccine has been approved previously in other indications, for the prevention of cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancer in women of the same age range. Incidence of ...