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Striking a Balance

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ASCO Panel

Advocacy / Conferences - Cancer is a terrible disease. That is why our organization has been focused on research and education in prevention for 25 years, and why we continue to fund research, education and screening directed towards prevention, risk reduction and screening. And while a cancer diagnosis is devastating, there is a strong support system that exists for patients through a network of non-profit organizations. Prevent Cancer Foundation has joined with Amgen, the Cancer Support Community, the Patient Advocate Foundation and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship in a campaign called Breakaway from Cancer, which highlights the resources available to the public through our organizations from prevention through survivorship. In June of 2010, as part of the Breakaway from Cancer Campaign, we participated in a policy discussion at the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) called "Striking the Balance."  Our Striking the Balance discussion identified areas for improvement in the spectrum of cancer prevention and care, and identified several actions steps to take to enable these improvements.  The discussion included leaders from all four organizations, including our President and Founder, Carolyn Aldige, as well as oncologists Lee Schwartzberg and John Marshall, moderator Susan Dentzer and special guest Patrick Dempsey who participated via Skype. ...

Congressman and Wife Probed

Posted by Lisa McGovern, Executive Director, Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program on October 20th, 2010 | No Comments »
Lisa and Jim McGovern

Advocacy / Regular Screening - It’s election season. Candidates across the country have been under a microscope, having every detail of their lives examined. Just a few short months ago, my husband – Congressman Jim McGovern – and I were being probed in a different way: by a colonoscope. More about that in a minute; first, let’s travel back in time a bit further…. Last year, both Jim and I turned fifty (yes, the big 5-0). Also, we celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. HUGE milestones. So the ...

A ¡Celebremos la vida! Success Story

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Outreach / Regular Screening - Help support this program with a StayClassy Award vote for the Prevent Cancer Foundation before this Friday, October 22! Following up on last week’s post about the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s nomination as a City Finalist for the StayClassy Charity of the Year Award for its continuing support of the ¡Celebremos la vida! program, the Foundation would like to share a wonderful story sent to us by Mary Wozniak, MPH, Celebremos  Program Coordinator at the Spanish Catholic ...

Cherokee Nation Proactive on Prevention

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25th Anniversary / Outreach - Ruth Hummingbird, BBA Colorectal Cancer Project Coordinator Cherokee Nation Comprehensive Cancer Control Program “Cherokee Nation colorectal cancer data shows a lower incidence as compared to the U.S. and Oklahoma, however, mortality rates are higher. Cherokee data suggests a higher occurrence of late stage diagnosis for this population group. Further, the Cherokee Nation WW Hastings Hospital has a very high demand for colonoscopies. Education has been a big factor in later stage of diagnosis. Increased educational efforts, with the help ...