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Jan’s 5K Challenge: Does Age Matter?

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Exercise Daily - Yesterday I was wondering what I would write about in this week’s post and came up blank. Until a conversation in the gym this morning made me question – “does age matter?” While on the elliptical a woman I occasionally talk with struck up a conversation.  I’ll be honest, at first I thought about pretending I didn’t hear her, because quite frankly I find it hard to work out and talk at the same time.  For me, it’s kind of like swimming underwater while singing.  But she’s a sweet older woman in her late 70s so I began chatting with her. Soon I was thrilled I did. It was a difficult morning for her.  She told me how hard it is, at her age, to work out some days. Unlike people of my age. My age?  I responded that I too find it harder the older I get but the alternative, not working out, was worse.  The benefits outweigh everything else.  She laughed and said, “Sure, you have youth on your side.”  Youth?  How old did she think I was, especially as I had sweat pouring off of me, half from the work out, half from the hot flashes I’ve been experiencing?  So I had to ask ...

10 Ways to Make Exercise a Priority

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Exercise Daily - Whether you enjoy exercising or not, a common pitfall we all face is keeping it a priority. I constantly interact with people failing to get their daily workout in because they are either too busy, too tired or simply unmotivated. Do these reasons sound familiar to you? Of course they do! Which is why you must read my top 10 Ways to Make Exercising a Priority. Make an Appointment:  At the beginning of each week, grab ...

Celebrated D.C. Chef Speaks Up for Prevention

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Spike Mendelsohn

25th Anniversary / Outreach - Spike Mendelsohn Chef, Good Stuff Eatery                       "On your 25th Anniversary we must take a moment to reflect on the very important work you do of researching and educating the public on the prevention of cancer. My grandfather, Sunny Nakis, was diagnosed and unfortunately passed away at a young age from cancer. Without a doubt, had we been better educated on cancer prevention it would have made a difference. I would like to congratulate you on the positive ...

EatingWell’s “Healthy In A Hurry” App Makes Eating Healthy Easy

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Healthy Eating - Research shows that as many as one-third of all cancer deaths are linked to poor diet and physical inactivity.  The Prevent Cancer Foundation communicates the importance of healthy eating as one of the most important cancer risk reduction habits through this blog's weekly EatingWell™ Healthy Recipe feature. And now with the recent introduction of EatingWell’s “Healthy In A Hurry” app, eating healthy is easier than ever. The "Healthy In A Hurry" app works for the iPhone, ...