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Andrea Roane Highlights Foundation’s ¡Celebremos la vida! Program

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¡Celebremos la vida!

Outreach - Even though I’m a pretty shy person I was ready to jump in front of the WUSA News9 cameras to talk about the ¡Celebremos la vida! program with Andrea Roane, WUSA 9 news anchor and a Sustaining Director on the Board of Directors of the Foundation. I was more than happy to talk about Celebremos! This great program is one of the cornerstone outreach programs of the Foundation. For those who are reading this before watching the news clip, Celebremos is a breast and cervical cancer screening and education program which serves Hispanic women over 40. In 2009 the Foundation received a two-year community grant from Komen for the Cure® to fund part of this program in the DC metro area. Filmed at the Spanish Catholic Center in Langley Park, MD, this news story shared the importance of this screening and education program with the DC metro community. Many of the women receiving services that day were very excited to have the WUSA News9 crew present during their charla (cancer education session). Charlas provide information about cancer prevention, including cancer symptoms, statistics and information about the impact of lifestyle on cancer risk. Along with interviewing me, Ms. Roane also interviewed Gabriella, ...

Dr. Richard Wender: The Manly Thing to Do

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Exercise Daily / Healthy Eating / No Smoking / Regular Screening - The strongest predictor of how long a new-born baby is destined to live is not whether they’re born in a city or in a rural area, their nationality, or the color of their skin.  It’s whether they are born male or female.  Men live about 5 fewer years than women. Are men just genetically predisposed to earlier and more death?  Or could a change in behavior result in mitigation of this risk? I refuse to accept ...

Breakaway Wrap-up: An Awesome Finale

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Exercise Daily - Katie and I are back in the office, both exhausted and exhilarated from our time on the road with the Amgen Tour of California (ATOC) and the Breakaway from Cancer campaign. The last three days of the tour were spent in amazing cities.  Big Bear Lake, Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks.  I rode in a caravan with the riders from Palmdale to Big Bear Lake.  The course was breathtaking: it was all mountains, and the cyclists ...

Step Away 5K: Getting Back on Track

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Exercise Daily / Healthy Eating - It’s not easy. The last several months have been challenging for me health wise. But I’m on the upturn, except for getting back into my normal exercise routine. If anyone has an easy fix for this I’d love to hear it.  I foolishly thought I could pick it up again with no problem.  I was kidding myself. Months of slacking off are not easy to break. Even thought I meet once a week with a Pilates instructor ...