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Jan’s 5K Challenge: Race Day!

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Events / Exercise Daily - Race day dawned pretty early – 5:30am! After rushing my sister around the house like a child who overslept, couldn’t find her socks, and whined her race shirt was too tight, I set off for West Potomac Park in Washington. Having been there many times, I had no problem finding the park. What I did have trouble finding was the race site itself.  At 5:30am the park was pitch black. I knew somewhere in the darkness were Foundation staff and volunteers already at work. As I slowly cruised down Ohio Drive, I finally spotted off in the distant flashlights – and life! I had expected to find a group of groggy people. Instead I found an amazingly energetic group, laughing, helping one another, as they stumbled around in the dark to get everything ready. They were unbelievable! [caption id="attachment_1785" align="alignleft" width="269" caption="Brenda, Jan's niece Libby and Jan at the 5K"][/caption] The sun finally peaked over the Washington Monument as more volunteers trickled in, followed by the race’s MC, WUSA Channel 9 weekday anchor Andrea Roane and Senator and Mrs. Leahy, who were eager to assume their positions in the food tent. The runners arrived shortly after their arrival. Talking to folks I learned some were experienced runners who took ...

5K: A Hit with Runners & A Success for Cancer Prevention

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Events / Exercise Daily / Foundation News - The 2nd Annual Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K held last Saturday, September 25, had lots of high points and some very poignant moments as well. Raising nearly $60,000 (with donations still coming in!) in support of cancer prevention and early detection, the 5K received overwhelming praise from participants, volunteers, and supporters. The Washington Running Report marked the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K as the beginning of the fall racing season. The WRR article also noted that the ...

A Great Race, for a Great Cause: An Intern’s View

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Left to right: Kaitlin McClure, Candice Hardie, Erin Guastini, Lina Schneider

Events / Exercise Daily / Foundation News - It has been a month since I began my internship with the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Every morning when I get up, my first thought after “Hmm, maybe I can hit the snooze button again,” is “What cool new things am I going to be doing today?” The sleepiness fades, as I get excited for another day with a great organization. I was instantly attracted to this position. The Foundation, its mission, and programs have helped to ...

2011 Dialogue for Action on Colorectal Cancer Screening

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Karen Peterson, Prevent Cancer Foundation VP of Programs, and Gary Gurian, C-Change Program Director, at the 2009 Dialogue for Action

Conferences - The Prevent Cancer Foundation will host the 13th annual Dialogue for Action™ on Colorectal Cancer Screening March 23-25, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland: Prevention Now for a Healthier Tomorrow. This dynamic conference will bring together a multidisciplinary group of 200 health care professionals and advocates to discuss the many issues related to increasing colorectal cancer screening. The 2010 Dialogue held in March in Baltimore was enthusiastically described by two attendees with these words: I felt that this was ...