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Breakaway Day 1: Sunny Sacramento

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Outreach - Hello from a very sunny Sacramento, and the kick off of the Amgen Tour of California - and I was lathered up in sunscreen today! The Breakaway from Cancer initiative advocates a unique approach to preventing and surviving cancer—teams. Many of you may be wondering, how does one take a team approach to prevention? Well often times it takes team work for a family or a group of friends to eat healthfully, exercise and to remember to  get screened. My family's example My brother had what I’ll kindly refer to as a “funky looking” mole, that was getting funkier by the month. It took the brow-beating of his wife to finally get him into the dermatologist. What was discovered was he had a stage three melanoma. Without that extra push he may have waited another month, or even year before he was checked and wouldn’t be doing as well today as he is. In turn, my sister and I are now more vigilant than ever about our own sun safety and skin checks, and harass our friends and family into doing it as well. Family health history matters That story reminds me—have you talked to your family about their history of cancer? Your parents or siblings ...

There’s a new appreciation for vitamin C

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Green peppers are highi vitamin C

Healthy Eating - Vitamin C burst into prominence back in the 1970s, when Nobel Prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling claimed that high doses could stop cancer and might be the long-sought cure for the common cold. Alas, neither claim has quite held up under scrutiny. Vitamin C doesn’t prevent colds. Nor does taking large doses slow or stop cancer. But Pauling’s instincts were not entirely wrong. There are still many sound reasons to get plenty of C. What it does Researchers have ...

Rummage Sale to Raise Awareness

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Outreach - After her grandmother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, high school student Stephanie Brule set out on a mission: cancer prevention. Stephanie wanted to keep others from experiencing the pain her family had endured after her grandmother’s diagnosis, so she decided to host a rummage sale to benefit the Foundation. For two days, Stephanie and her friends sold various items that were collected from family, friends, and neighbors in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Stephanie’s event was ...

Prevent Cancer Super Colon visits San Francisco

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Asian Heritage Festival

Outreach / The Super Colon - May 15 (Saturday) 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.: The Foundation is thrilled to be working with the California Department of Public Health Colon Cancer Control Program to bring the “Prevent Cancer’s SuperColon” to San Francisco for the first time. The exhibit raises awareness about the importance of early colon cancer detection and encourages visitors to get screened for the disease. It shows you healthy colon tissues, as well as polyps at various stages. Unlike many ...