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Right Diet For Prostate Cancer Prevention

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black tea

Healthy Eating - Dr. Jin-rong Zhou is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Nutrition/ Metabolism Laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA and is a recipient of the Prevent Cancer Foundation research grant. Dr. Zhou is currently researching how a dietary combination of soy and black tea could significantly inhibit the development and progression of prostate cancer in a synergistic manner. Scientific evidence suggests that dietary intake of soy or black tea individually may have a potent anti-prostate cancer effect. The results of this research, along with evidence from previous studies, could lead to further studies of men at high risk for prostate cancer and eventually to a realistic dietary approach to prostate cancer prevention. The Foundation caught up with Dr. Zhou to get an update on this ground-breaking research. Epidemiological studies suggest that the dietary pattern in the Asian population may play a significant role in the prevention of prostate cancer. On the other hand, the exact active dietary components and dietary patterns that are responsible for the preventive role of the Asian diet remain largely unknown. It is thus imperative to evaluate and identify the active dietary components or ...

Prevent Cancer Foundation Helps Provide Screenings in Post-Katrina New Orleans

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Regular Screening - A native of Brisyol, Virginia, and former chief of medicine and head of graduate medical education at New Orleans’ famed Ochsner Clinic, Dr. Donald Erwin, President and CEO of St. Thomas Community Health Center, believes his real education began at St. Thomas. “I learned of the clinic in 1987 when two Catholic Sisters of Charity visited my church. They told my congregation that they had founded a clinic in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods.” ...

Bowling for Colorectal Cancer Awareness

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Exercise Daily - Philanthropy can come at any age. Parents try to teach their children to give, share with others, and honor their elders. Bryan Evans’s parents have much to be proud of in their 17 year-old son. Bryan was touched by cancer at an early age. In March 2002, his grandfather, Charles Finegan, passed away from colon cancer. The lost of his beloved grandfather was difficult for Bryan, and he channeled those emotions into the driving force in ...

Breast Health Education for Young Women

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Young Women

Exercise Daily - The foundation’s breast health education for Young Women materials are reaching Communities far and wide. The DVD and facilitator’s guide are now in 35 states across the U.S. and three other countries. From urban schools in Minnesota, to health fairs in New York, to a health center in Bermuda, educators are using the materials to teach breast health behavior to young women in their communities. The 14-minute educational DVD emphasizes the importance of early detection ...