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Tips for a healthy, inexpensive lunch

Posted by Maggie Klee on August 15th, 2014 | No Comments »

Healthy Eating - PHOTO CREDIT Many have the misconception that eating healthy is expensive. But if you map out your meals and only buy what you plan to eat at the grocery store, you can reduce costs and make healthy eating more affordable. Healthy eating and regular exercise are important steps to stay fit and Stop Cancer Before It Starts! Eating lean meats and vegetables and reducing salts and sweets in your diet keeps your body healthy and your immune system strong. This not only reduces your risk of cancer, but improves your overall health. Here are a few tips I live by to eat healthy on a budget for lunch: Balance: Eat a combination of lean proteins, carbohydrates and veggies or fruit for lunch. This will keep you fueled for the rest of the work day. Eat out sparingly: Bringing a meal from home might not seem as glamorous as eating out every day, but this the easiest way to save money and eat healthy. Not only do you spend less, but you have control over portion size and nutrition. Making food at home can be fun. Create adventurous salads or zesty new sandwiches! Shop mindfully: Plan your meals in advance and never go shopping ...

Staying healthy in college

Posted by Jennifer DeMarco, External Affairs Intern on August 14th, 2014 | No Comments »

Healthy Eating - As college students, we’re excited about being away from home for the first time and enjoying what is often referred to as “the best years of your life.” It’s easy to forget that living a healthy lifestyle in college will help set us up for a lifetime of healthiness and happiness long after we’ve earned our degrees and entered the “real world.” Here are a few tips to stay healthy and help to reduce your ...

Kickin’ Cancer

Posted by Stephen Lee on August 12th, 2014 | No Comments »

5k - When my daughter, Sharon, asked family members to participate in the Prevent Cancer 5k Walk/Run on September 21st, I was the first to sign on. I have never run a 5k (and don’t intend to!), and have little experience as a fundraiser, but I knew I wanted to help, so I joined team Kickin’ Cancer. Cancer took the love of my life from me, my wife Fong. Fong was a very caring person with a beautiful ...

Build a healthy salad

Posted by Monique Smaby, Program & Communications Coordinator, Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program on August 4th, 2014 | No Comments »

Healthy Eating - (photo: Kurman Communications, Inc.) All salads are healthy, right? Wrong. Your salad is only as healthy as your toppings and iceberg lettuce is not as healthy as you think. Healthy eating is an important step to reducing your cancer risk. What you feed your body directly impacts its ability to stay healthy. Salads are often avoided because they are boring. These quick and easy tips will prove you wrong and teach you to build a nutritious salad ...