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Life Spans of Women Improving Slower than Men

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Wellness - On average, women in the U.S. are expected to live four years longer than men. According to a report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, that gap may be shrinking as men’s life spans are increasing each year more than women’s life spans are. In over 650 counties across the U.S., women’s life expectancy has not improved since 1999 and in some cases it has worsened especially in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Georgia. Nationally, men’s life expectancy increased by 4.6 years and women’s by only 2.7 years from 1989 to 2009. The article attributes the differences mainly to tobacco, obesity and alcohol – all preventable causes of death. More women are not addressing high blood pressure and cholesterol health issues while men’s symptoms are actively treated by a physician more often than women’s symptoms. In 1989 there was a 8.7-year gap between the life expectancies of women and men. Now there is a 12-year gap. The article suggests improvements can be made through healthy lifestyle choices, education and improved health care. Read the full USA Today article.  

New Food Plate Worksheets Focus on Minority Populations

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Healthy Eating - Last week was National Minority Cancer Awareness Week (April 15-21) and this year The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center created food plate worksheets to promote healthy eating habits and cancer prevention for African American, Hispanic and Vietnamese audiences. A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer stated that obesity is the second largest preventable cause of cancer diagnosis and death, after tobacco use. The ...

A Little Exercise Helps Smokers Quit and Live Longer

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No Smoking - It is common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health, but quitting can seem like a daunting task. A large study in Taiwan involving over 430,000 smokers found that just 15 minutes of exercise per day increased a smoker’s chance of quitting by 55% and made them 43% less likely to smoke again after quitting. The author of the study, Chi Pang Wen, a professor at the National Health Research Institute and China Medical University Hospital ...

HPV Cancers a Concern for Both Men and Women

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Prevention - Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause of cervical cancer, but it also causes oral, anal and penile cancer. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) using data collected from 2004-2008, HPV causes 18,000 cancer cases in women and 8,000 cancer cases in men annually. HPV prevention has become a concern for both men and women. Receiving an HPV vaccine before becoming sexually active is the leading way to prevent ...