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The Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K Course Map

Timing Points


  • 437 ft. south (downstream) from the Ericsson Circle crosswalk.
  • 171 ft. south of wwater fountain at ball field backstop #7
  • 79 ft. south of south end of steel plate storm drain.

Mile One

  • Heading south on Ohio Drive
  • 397 ft. north of Buckeye Drive
  • STOP sign 86 ft. south of “National Capital Region” Park Police Sign


  • Heading south on Ohio Drive
  • 216 ft. south of  “Lot 21″ sign
  • 18 ft. south of  “No Parking 1:00 am to 6:00 am” sign

Mile Two

  • Heading north on Ohio Drive
  • 98 ft. north of  “Lot 25″ sign.
  • 93 ft. south of two “Stop” signs at Buckeye Drive.

Mile Three

  • Heading north on Ohio Drive
  • 339 ft. north of  “West Basin Drive/Ohio Drive” street sign
  • Even with the north end of storm drain
  • 39 ft. south of street light on ball field side of road


  • Same as Start


  • Measured on September 18, 2005 by J. Sissala.
  • No road restrictions during measurement.